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Web Design

A balance between technology and design

The problems of building a website

There are huge numbers of quick frameworks for websites which are constantly advertised, promising that you can set up your own professional website for minimal cost.

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Given the complexity of all of the areas of web design, it is little wonder that most websites built in this way struggle to meet your expectations. Once you have bought the framework you are left to navigate through the complex design process with minimal assistance.

It is not a simple process to plan and organise all the elements of your website and often you will still need the knowledge and tools to crop images to size.

There is much more to a website than what appears on the surface. Look behind the scenes of a well-built site and you will find many areas which a professional web designer has considered and developed. Code will be compliant with the latest standards and the methods used will be those recommended by Google and other search engines. Wording will be carefully crafted to not only read well but be understandable by search engines as well as users.

Then there are the details. Your site should respond for mobile phones and should also contain details such as error messages and icons, the list goes on. If you want something more than an online brochure to represent your business you need a professional approach. Bespoke features to help your customers can set your business apart on the web.

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into the complexity of website building and why you would choose to use a professional web design service.

How Web Visual can help

Web Visual have developed their own comprehensive approach. The stages of our approach are listed here to give you an idea of how we take you through the whole process and make sure the result is a stunning site.

  • Initial planning identifies the aims of your business on the web, the features required and the key action points you would like your customers to take up.
  • Graphic design is of the highest standards to capture the look, feel and even the correct colour scheme for your business.
  • The messages of the site are identified and worded taking care to balance the text to target your audience as well as meeting the need of Google and search engines.
  • Coding of the site is elegantly developed taking into account accepted standards (W3C) and using tools which are tested and accepted within the industry.
  • Loading speed of pages is considered by optimising images to load quickly, cache of information for web pages and organising the technical order of features to get a fast page response.
  • Search optimisation is considered very carefully in the initial site build. We identify keywords and target audiences and also look at the performance and approach of your main competitors. Our aim is to build a site which puts you ahead of the field.
  • We include as standard a range of search analytics tools to allow you to understand and maintain your site. Google analytics is the main tool and is installed as standard alongside a number of specialist tools which give additional ongoing benefits.
  • Finally, our quality control and checking process is very rigorous. We check that everything is correct but also check that the messages are understood by a person checking the site who has not been involved in the build and does not know the business. The quality checker gives feedback that everything is correct and comments on ease of use.
What to do next

Like each business, every website is different and the first stage is to meet for a FREE consultation. Web Visual will then set out a no obligation proposal in detail and highlight the targets costs and timescales.