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Technical Support

The importance of good hosting

As with many things in life, you often get what you pay for. Web hosting can be available for super low prices, even for free. Why then should you consider paying for a professional/ hosting and support package?

Well, here is the answer…

Paying for high quality hosting

Low cost, shared hosting is just that. It carries much less control of features and is usually shared with many other websites. When you use this approach, you have no control who you are sharing with and this could include sites who are taking resources and starving your own site.

By using Webvisual professional solutions you are assured that your site is hosted on a server which we completely control. We can optimise for speed and security and ensure any software is kept up-to-date.

We provide more than hosting within the package.

Depending on your requirements, which we will help to identify and agree, we provide the following within our hosting:

  1. Secure, fast, optimised web hosting
  2. Databases and the scripting languages of your choice
  3. Software updates and plug in updates
  4. Ongoing backups and mirrored data for e-commerce or data driven sites
  5. Should there be any issues we provide a full recovery service to get you back online as quickly as possible

For any business who is serious about having a professional online presence we strongly recommend a professional hosting and support package.

When you consider what is really required to host a website, you may expect that the costs are high but many of our customers are in fact pleasantly surprised at the actual cost.

Each package is carefully considered and tailored to your individual needs. A service contract outlines your package and the charges.

We are happy to provide a no obligation review and quote.

Why we don’t support basic hosting solutions

It is a fact of internet life these days that there are security issues to consider and website hacking is relatively common. We all use complex technologies so we need regular, robust and automatic back up routines. Whilst there are some low cost hosting solutions available, they all need to be carefully specified and configured correctly. They usually lack services and features that we would recommend as a minimum standard for true peace of mind. You need to understand what is provided within the package and what to do if something goes wrong and this is often unexplained or even unprovided in low cost hosting solutions.

Web Visual are happy to provide the configuration, maintenance and support required but we need to have a strong and secure hosting platform as the starting point.

The hosting solution we provide is enterprise quality and has 24/7 security and support.

You can of course provide your own hosting solution but we do not usually provide security and support warranties on this basis.