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Graphic Design

A balance between technology and design…

Visual impact is at the heart of our service

Whether we are working from a clean sheet and creating a new brand from scratch or developing the image or content for an existing brand we believe that it is of utmost importance to deliver great design.

Logo and brand image creation

The first step for any business is to have a name, logo and create a brand image. If you get this first stage right the follow on to produce printed documents, brochures, website and advertising work is all much easier. Web Visual can help you to create a brand and a set of standards to apply to your image which ensure your business stands out.

Brochure and paper based designs

Brochures may be reducing as web pages take over but they still play a major part in the toolkit that businesses need. Like many seasoned web design companies Web Visual have a foundation based originally in print and we have not lost any of this experience.

By carefully considering print and web together, we ensure that your brand translates from paper to web. With web browsing now taking place on mobile phones, computers and large TV screens we have to ensure the message is consistent whatever way it is being viewed.

Web design, of course

Online work is of course our major focus, in all forms. Brochure websites, e-commerce solutions and bespoke online programs, we make sure they all look the part as well as working well. We also provide responsive templates for email campaigns and landing pages.

The devil is often in the detail and we make it our business to cover the small finishing touches which make your website memorable.

Whatever your requirement in graphic design you can rest assured we have it covered and can provide the highest standard of service.