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E-commerce Specialists

E-Commerce is a specialist branch of website development

To create a successful online shop you need to combine design with technical excellence and promote your brand and products

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A New Approach to e-commerce websites…

The First Steps…

Building a strong e-commerce website is an involved process and that is just the start. Once you have a well-designed site where your customer can easily find and buy your products, you need to start on the process of making your internet business a success. This process involves a mix of technical expertise, marketing, sales and business development to ensure you are giving your online customers what they want.

The traditional answer is to engage a website development company to produce the site and then the ongoing support is usually provided at hourly rates. This approach can be an expensive one and often leaves you, the customer, paying high fees to develop your shop. Each added service developed can be a difficult commercial decision which has to be made in a technical industry which is hard to understand.

The Web Visual solution

In response, Web Visual decided to develop the approach of e-commerce partnerships. We bring the expertise to build the shop website and then provide an ongoing support service linked to the success of the site. Like a traditional, commission-based, sales person, our charges are linked to generating income and increasing sales.

With the partnership approach the website owner can be assured that their website success is of critical importance to Web Visual, the developer.

We provide a range of services

  • Build a digital marketing budget
  • Brand development
  • Product development sitable for the website
  • Design services for emails, adverts and flyers
  • Search optimisation, getting your website found
  • Newsletters, social media and surveys
  • Creating and promoting special offers, competitions and discount schemes
  • Gift vouchers and loyalty points
  • Back office systems e.g. stock control, bar coding and delivery
  • Trade customer portals

What Now?

The outline given here is a very broad summary and you may need much more detail to fully understand how we can help. The first stage is to meet for a no obligation discussion of your requirements. We produce an initial FREE plan which will set out our thoughts and any concerns. This will typically include an analysis of web competitors and assess the potential difficulties in establishing or growing your e-commerce business. Given that the agreement is an ongoing partnership and Web Visual are rewarded on the success of the website, we may not be willing to get involved with every business. If we think that an e-commerce business will be very difficult to develop, we will highlight this, and exlain our concerns.

If we all believe there is a strong way to work together and build your e-commerce business, we then develop a detailed proposal which outlines timings, charges and the ongoing rewards and expectations. This will involve strong commitments from both sides. Web Visual will provide the plans, technical input, ongoing development, marketing and support. The customer usually provide the products, the business expertise within their field and a budget to cover the development of the business.