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Digital Marketing

Generate more leads, make more contacts and sign up more customers

Digital marketing is a broad phrase covering many areas of expertise from email campaigns and social media to search optimisation.

e-mail campaigns and surveys

Successful email to potential customers is still a promising source of new business. There are of course literally billions of emails sent to promote services so it remains very difficult to get a targeted message across. By using Web Visual to professionally design, deliver and monitor your campaign we can find out what will work best and optimise your approach. Sometimes there is no alternative than to ask. Perhaps you would like to know what existing or potential customers think about a particular product. For this we use questionnaires and feedback forms. These need to be carefully designed and targeted to be successful and get reliable and meaningful feedback. When this is done correctly the value of the insight into your customer’s thoughts can be tremendously valuable and beneficial.

Social Media

Social media has become an absolute fact of the modern internet experience however much we may like or dislike it. With billions of users on Facebook and Twitter alone and new services emerging each day it is clear that social media is here to stay and of huge importance in reaching our customers. By creating your approach in a professional manner and taking advantage of the wealth of features to boost and connect we can help your business to grow.

Search Engine Optimisation, getting your business found

Increasingly people have sought to stop direct advertising and block unwanted interruptions from online marketing. This is why it is becoming more and more important that your potential customers find you. Also, think of the value of the lead, customers already searching for your services are much warmer leads. The best way to do this is to build a findable, search friendly, website. Taking all of the right steps and ensuring your website meets the requirements from Google and Bing will make you much more likely to succeed and generate more business.

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing

When managed correctly, paid advertising such as Google Adwords campaigns can be very effective and increase your business dramatically. They can also be very costly if they are not managed well. By using a proven approach with constant feedback and adjustment, Web Visual can help you to ensure that your advertising expenditure is carefully targeted and truly beneficial.

The overall digital marketing strategy

In summary, digital marketing integrates with every element of your online presence. This is why we take the approach of constantly reviewing our feedback and analytics and adjusting the approach taken. When we see a feature which is causing problems we fix it and equally when we see a feature working well we optimise and expand the feature to take maximum advantage. The outcome is a process of constant improvement and constant business expansion.

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