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About Us

At Web Visual, we believe that the world wide web is the single most important marketing tool for most businesses. In 2017 it is vital to have a web presence to be taken seriously as a business. Not only will a website add credibility to your business, it can also put you directly in front of your customers. With our expertise in digital marketing, not only do we design stunning websites but we can also drive traffic to your site which in turn increases conversions.

Our decades of computer and web experience means that you’re in safe hands. We originally started work in computing before the internet became a feature of everyday life; back in the days of black and white monitors and even before Windows. Since then everything has been in a constant state of change and we have developed with this over the years. Then in 2008 we entered the world of web design working on a large-scale web project of our own. From this point, we gradually developed our work to include client websites, databases and branding design work. Then in 2012 Web Visual was formed and the focus of our business was set as we see it today.

Our Technical Partners

To ensure we offer the best possible service we have partnered up with some of the best in the industry.

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How we work

1. Understanding your vision

To meet your needs, we need to understand your business objectives. We do this the old-fashioned way; a face-to-face chat. By listening to your requirements and offering our insightful suggestions, we begin the initial constructs of a project brief together culminating in a development plan that allows you to maintain ownership and track progress right from the start.

Step 1
Step 2

2. Design Visuals

From the initial meeting (or meetings) our expert web designers will create visuals of your main pages for you to appraise. We meticulously absorb your feedback, and make any adjustments if necessary. Once the initial visuals meet your approval we move onto creating a set of more fully developed visuals. These include concepts of both desktop and mobile versions of your website, detailing main areas of your website and how specific features will work.

3. Development

After your approval of the final draft, our developers will begin coding website including the features and tools detailed in the project brief. Our development methods comply with best industry practice to ensure search engine optimisation and device-compatibility from the get go. Once built, all websites are tested for performance, W3C compliance and security.

Step 3
Step 4

4. Marketing & Support

Following your final approval, it’s time to launch your brand-new website! But our support doesn’t end there. We are continually monitoring all our websites and carrying out performance and maintenance updates, we also encourage you to join us for periodic review meetings to assess your website performance, exchange suggestions for continuous improvement, and to consider appropriate additions. This may include suggestions such as Google AdWords or social media marketing.